Top 10 Quality Tips For First Home Buying In Houston

Top 10 Quality Tips For First Home Buying In Houston

Preparing to buy your first home or even, if you're the seasoned home buyer. Preparing to get back into the market and buying a home an educated buyer. Becomes a successful home buyer, being more educated about the home buying process. Knowing where to go things to look at, How to form plans about your credit, budgeting financing selecting a home. Finding the best homeowners insurance, learning more about closing property taxes and taxes in general. And the different forms of agency that have to do with working with a buyer agent. Then these things are really important and really helpful to you.

Top 5 Quality Tips For First Home Buying In Houston
Top 5 Quality Tips For First Home Buying In Houston

With the cost of renting a home escalating renters are finding it less expensive to own a home. Top 10 list for first-time home buyers in Houston.

1. Get Pre Qualified

You have to not just get pre-qualified get pre-approved or fully approved. Lenders want to know, are you for real? Sellers want to know. are you for real? But a lender needs to look at your income, your assets, and your overall credit profile. Because the last thing you want to do. Go out and find a home and then all of a sudden. You can't get pre-approved and you can't buy that home. Especially, if you're self-employed, you get commissions; your income comes from bonuses. All those can work a little bit different. You need to make sure that a lender is looked at everything up front.

2. Target Your Territory

Know the neighborhoods, that you want to buy. If your target is the whole Metroplex, you're going to have a hard problem finding a house. But target the neighborhoods, that you really want to look at. 

  • See what's going on with sales in those neighborhoods? 
  • What repairs you're going to need? 

Everything else, some of the neighborhoods are newer some of those houses are older. But we're seeing a lot of home builders still doing price increases in many of these neighborhoods. Know the territory that you want to live in.

3. Prioritize Your Preferences

Your preferences in the homes, if you have your top one or two and they're just brand new on the market and you know that they're going to have multiple offers look at those properties. See if you want to make an offer bright prioritize your preferences on, what houses you really want? And don't just settle for a house. You're making a $200,000 or $300,000 investment the last thing you want to do is settle.

4. Know Your Budget

You have to absolutely know, what your payments are going to be? How much money you're going to need? The one thing I tell people your friends your family your co-workers and I all have one thing in common, No one pays your bills. Don't overspend in today's market.

5. Be Realistic

If you're sitting there and you're looking at $250,000 our house, you may have to be realistic. Because a lot of people are out there looking at home and all of a sudden that home is $350,000.

6. Act Fast

In today's market, if somebody, the house just hits the market and there's going to be ten offers on that hang be ready to act fast. A lot of times people will sit there and all of a sudden they lose the property. You got to know, when your closing date, how quickly you can close?

7. Don’t Play Price Games

Everybody just thinks I'm going to go steal this house, this market is so hot. You're not just going to go steal a house. You're not going to get a $600,000 house for $400,000 $450,000. Some people want to be the master negotiators and those master negotiators are sitting on the side.

8. Pay Closing Cost

Low balling but pays closing costs. A lot of times in the past sellers would pay closing costs. But in today's environment, most sellers will not pay closing costs, you have to make sure.

9. Accept Defects

This basically means is on homes if there's you'll a lot of times it has to do with repairs. Some of the things you might have to tolerate are, some in the house not being perfect, especially if it's older.

10. Get Educated

Get educated, when it comes to buying a home. Get pre-approved, work with a great leader, and make sure, you can close quickly in today's environment.

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