Top 5 Quality Tips To Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

Top 5 Quality Tips For Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

Top five things you should be aware of and be thinking about when you are going to hire a personal injury attorney or a law firm to help you with your problems. Here's a list that I put together, that I think is going to help you. Let's get right into it, it's a top five, things that I would recommend that, the average person or business owner look into before hiring a personal injury attorney or a law firm.

Top 5 Quality Tips To Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney
Top 5 Quality Tips To Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

1. Experienced in Personal Injury Law

One first I think, it's most important are they experienced. Experienced in handling your type of case are they overall experienced have they been practicing law for one year or is it ten years. One thing you want to look for in your particular attorney is, go to their website. If you have a personal injury law issue, let's say and you go to that somebody's website and you see that they're a family lawyer. You have to ask the questions. How many personal injury cases have you handled? Are you a specialist in this area of law? Most state bars will have some sort of specialty areas. Like, California has different specialty types like a bankruptcy specialist maybe one. But you can ask are you a specialist in any particular area.

I think experience is probably one of the first things I would be looking for if I were hiring a personal injury attorney. That would be the first thing.

2. Reputation Credibility

Secondly, I would want to be looking at reputation credibility is this person, is he or she known, what are people saying or do they have customer reviews. Go to websites like Avvo. They have a very nice website. Where you can have your clients review. That's another area to look around or the Better Business Bureau do they have an A+ rating, B rating. Don't always be fooled by the Better Business Bureau. Sometimes that can be you can pay and get special privileges. 

I'm not saying that's the case, but I know people say that's, what they believe to be the case. Sometimes, you have to read reviews with a grain of salt. Sometimes you'll see a Google review and it'll be somebody that was upset. Because the lawyer wouldn't talk to them, wouldn't give them a free consultation. Something takes a look around and, but vet out the personal injury attorney, vet them take a look at the Avvo website.

Which is a pretty popular one, that most people I think look and rely on seeing what other people are saying? Are they getting great comments, are they returning their client phone calls. I think, most State Bar's the biggest complaint with attorneys. Is not being able to communicate with them or they're not returning your phone calls or emails. Because the attorney gets busy. It's a fact of the matter is lawyers get very busy. But, look on the website lawyer not too busy to help their clients. 

You're the ones that pay the lawyer, its lawyer’s job to serve you. One of the things with our law firm is we really believe that customer service. In other words, you walk into a doctor's office sometimes, you sit there for a half hour or an hour, to me. That's pretty poor customer service. With our law firm you know we're going to get back to you, we're going to return your phone calls or emails. We're going to communicate with you and treat you as you are you're important to our law firm into our business. Having that reputation in addition to experience would be my number two.

3. Affordability And Fees

Number three would be affordability and fees. That comes down to what do you charge? How do you change your clients? What is your billing model? Some law firms are exclusively on an hourly basis. In other words, they may say, you may see read a retainer agreement and the retainer agreement may say. If I work on the case personal injury attorney it's going to be $300 an hour. If I have an associate attorney working on it, it's going to be $225. If I have a paralegal working on it, it's going to be $75 an hour. You want to see those fees when you get that retainer agreement to take a close look at it. What are the fees? 

This is step three but like I said it also sort of ties into step two. What's the reputation? Are people getting shocking legal bills, are they? Some law firms will do what's known as double billing or triple billing they'll put two attorneys on the file. Then the one attorney will build time and the other personal injury attorney will build time. It may go back to the head honcho lawyer bills more time kicks it back again.

Your case can become like a pinball in a pinball machine. It's hitting the cash register ring too. You want to know, how the law firm is going to bill you? To want to get that straight. One of the unique things about most laws firm is, they offer flat rate legal fees for many cases. Flat rate really means, what you're going to pay you to have a legal issue? The law firm has the experience to be able to say. This is what I think it's going to cost. 

The best law firm can commit to that in writing. In other words, you have predictability in your legal fees. For some people, that's very important, because really there's nothing worse and I've seen this. Getting your case handled you're feeling good the pressures finally off. You just got through major litigation or what not and then two-three weeks later, you get a bill for $20,000 in the mail from your personal injury attorneys. You're going oh my god, this is potentially another problem. Having those affordable fees, something that fits into your fee structure. Like I said for most of the attorney cases litigation can be different. Because litigation is a little bit trickier, can be more unpredictable. But understanding the fee and being comfortable with the fee structure is another important factor. That's number three on my list.

4. Personality

Number four my list I put personality. That may sound funny, you may say to yourself what does personality have to do with fixing my legal problems? The person that you hire, if you hire a personal injury attorney, this is your voice attorney your voice. Lawyers have to be creative, a lawyer has to come up with solutions. A lawyer has to be able to present well to a judge, and a lawyer has to be understandable. You have to be able to communicate with a personal injury lawyer

There has to be the ability for a personal injury attorney in the client to understand each other to reach common ground. Because essentially, when we're working on a case it’s kind of like a team effort. Your problem inside- out your personal injury attorneys are going to become familiar with your problem. Then intimately familiar with your problems and try to come up with solutions. You got to have that working relationship there has to be that certain degree. I’m not going to say it has to be the greatest chemistry you've ever seen. But I do think there has to be a synergy between a client and their attorney.

That's personality I think that's something that you look for do they have a sense of humor. They tend to get grumpy I mean these are little traits that you can pick up. If you spend a little bit of time talking to the lawyer. That's number four on my top five lists.

5. Understanding Your Goals

Number five this may sound funny, understanding your goals. A listener a personal injury attorney that can listen to you. A lot of personal injury attorneys are great talkers. I mean they think, they write, they talk, they argue, they make phone calls, they negotiate deals. Lawyers do all that. Lawyer great at that, lawyer’s natural at that. That's what lawyer, that's how the business is. But you do want somebody that can listen to you, understand you and know what your goals are?

Every case that I've ever been involved in whether transactional or an arbitration case, there's always goals. Every client has a different goal a certain outcome that they want. You want a personal injury attorney, that understands your goals, not your understanding that the attorney wants to make money for example. There has to be this feeling and that goes a little bit to the personality. But it's really about somebody that will listen to you, hear your, outlet you talk. Because built up in all that. A lot of people have is to me are the keys. We just got to wait and hear them and once we hear those things, we know what's going on. I think it's a really important number five on my top five lists. Someone that understands you understands your goals and that's going to help you achieve your goals.

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