Top 7 Things You Do After Dog Bite | Dog Bite Laws

Top 7 Things You Do After Dog Bite | Dog Bite Laws

In California, the law is very clear, if someone owns a dog, and that dog bites somebody else, the owner of that dog must pay, for the injuries sustained. A dog bite is called strict liability in law. If your dog bites somebody, you are responsible to pay. Let's assume that you're on this page, because your child has gotten, bitten by a dog, or you have gotten, bitten by a dog.

Top 7 Things You Do After Dog Bite | Dog Bite Laws
Top 7 Things You Do After Dog Bite | Dog Bite Laws

The biggest question with the dog bite isn't basically, "Am I going to win?" Because you are, it's automatic, the biggest question is, how much are you going to win? Number one, and number two are you going to be able to collect. Because a lot of insurance companies, understanding that dog bites are an automatic win for the consumer. Will not allow you to win. Because they will write an exclusion into their coverage saying. If your dog bites someone, we will not cover it. And those exclusions are usually done for Pitbulls, German Shepherds, and the bigger type dogs that have been known to be aggressive.

If you've been bitten by a Pitbull, our biggest question is going to be, number one, how big is your injury? And how much is it worth? We can talk a little bit about that in another section that I'll turn you to called damages. Are going to be able to collect, because if someone rents their home or they have a home. They have insurance that doesn't cover it, good luck trying to get that person to pull out their checkbook and actually write you a check.

The biggest question in dog bites is, what is your casework? And What you come to hire a personal injury attorney? Because lawyer going to teach you basically, how to get the fair value of your case?

Remember you can't trust the insurance companies. They are not about being fair. They will tell you we're responsible, we're going to pay. At that moment you will relax. You will not do what you're supposed to do i.e. keeping journals, telling your doctors, going to get a plastic surgeon report, saying this is how much better my child or my face will look after surgery, or my face can't get better, and therefore we can go and say, for the rest of their lives this poor little girl is going to have a scar right here and that has a value.

I will look at the life expectancy chart of your daughter, or son. I will say, this child is going to live. They're 78 years old, and they're only right now. Every day for the rest of this little girl's life, When she gets to the age where makeup and looks. Important she's not going to be able to run to a supermarket just to buy milk. Because she's going to be very self-conscious about this scar. In the middle of the night, When her kids are crying, she going to want to throw some makeup on to hide this in case. She runs into my neighbor and that has a value and that's, what you hire a personal injury attorney to figure out. What the value is? To help you present that value again to get the fair value.

I'd like to share with you some important guidelines should you or a loved one be bitten by a dog.

1. Immediately Clean

Number one: Immediately clean the wound with soap and water in order to rid the wound of dog saliva and potentially harmful bacteria.

2. Seek Medical Assistance As Soon As Possible

Number two: Seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Dogs can carry diseases such as rabies and serious infections can result if left untreated.

3. Obtain As Much Information About The Dog As Possible

Number three: If possible obtain as much information about the dog as possible. Such as the name of the dog owner and a copy of the dog's vaccination records. If this is not possible, try to remember the size, color, breed, age, or any detail that will help identify the dog later. If there are witnesses obtain contact information as well.

4. Take photographs of the wound to document the injury.

5. Report The Incident To Animal Control And The Police Department.

6. Contact A Personal Injury Attorney Who Has Significant Experience      Handling Dog Bite Injuries Case.

Number six: Contact a personal injury attorney, who has significant experience handling dog bite injuries. An experienced, personal injury attorney can assist you in gathering important evidence. And help you achieve the best possible outcome.

7. Do Not Speak to Insurance Company without Speaking to A personal Injury Attorney First.

Number seven: If you are contacted by the dog owners insurance company. Go not answer any questions without speaking you with your personal injury attorney first. 

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