Top 6 Ways Increase Value Of Your Car Accident Settlement [Car Accidents and More]

Top 6 Ways Increase Full Value Of Your Car Accident Settlement [Car Accidents and More]

I'm going to give you 6 ways to increase the value of your car Accident Settlement. If someone else's carelessness caused your personal injury. Read this article, you learn all top 6 ways of increase a car accident settlement. And you don't leave any money on the table.

Top 6 Ways Increase Value Of Your Car Accident Settlement [Car Accidents and More]
Top 6 Ways Increase Value Of Your Car Accident Settlement

1. Get Medical Treatment (And Surgery)

The first way to increase the full value of your car accident settlement is, to get medical treatment. There's the same goes damages drive the value of your case. The more medical treatment you have higher medical bills. You have the more pain and suffering the adjuster and/or jury believes you've had which increases the total damages. Without medical treatment, the value of the case is generally very small. With medical treatment, you at least have a fighting chance in getting more money for your case. 

If the insurance company doesn't see your medical treatment and writing in a doctor's records. They assume you're not in pain and your personal injuries not bad. The same thing with the jury, if they don't see your medical records and bills they assume your pain was not bad and thus. Generally, speaking your award is less. Here's an example of how getting medical treatment can increase the value of your car accident settlement.

This is a truck from a four $4,45000 settlements that I had where a truck driver failed to yield the right-of-way and hit my client who was on a motorcycle. My client had a tibia plateau fracture, which is a fracture of the top of the lower leg right beneath. The knee he had a rod put in there he also fractured his finger. The majority of the value of his claim had already happened by the time he left the hospital, he had surgery at the hospital. That was the bulk of his claim. 

He attended all of his medical visits and he ended up getting more medical treatment. Including, he also had a little rod in his finger, he got that removed. Had he not gone through with that removal surgery and had he just not received any medical treatment after leaving the hospital. The value of his case would have been lower. The fact that he got all of this medical treatment helped us get $445000 to settle the case. If he did not get all of this medical treatment, the settlement would have been significantly lower.

Ø Get Surgery It’s Recommended

I already talked about it but getting surgery increases the full value of the accident settlement. Really quickly full value just means the total value of all your damages out-of-pocket medical bills, out-of-pocket loss wages, pain and suffering prior to discounting your case for things like your fault inability to prove that, your injuries were caused by the accident. There's no guarantee in any case that you're going to get money at all. 

But this entire article assumes that your case has value. Surgery increases the full value of the case. If you just look on the internet of people's larger car accident settlements, you're going to notice that almost every single large settlement has surgery involved. Meaning, the person who was injured by someone else, who was at fault has had surgery that increases the value of the car accident settlement.

2. Go To Claimant “Friendly” Doctor

The second way to increase the full value of your car accident settlement is to treat with a doctor, whose claimant-friendly. On the $445000 settlement example that I talked about, my client had a leg operation at the hospital. And the leg operation that he had was done by a doctor who I had a conference with after he was released from the hospital. That doctor when I asked him if my client's leg injury was permanent, he laughed and said “No”. After that, I told my client to see another doctor, who I thought would give more favorable testimony. 

Because he was more of what I call a claimant-friendly doctor, someone who really cares about helping the injured victim. This doctor said the injury was permanent and in addition, he said. My client would need a future knee replacement, which increased the value of the car accident settlement. Also found a shoulder pain complaint that my client had and said that he had a tear whereas, the first doctor had no mention of that.

3. All Of Your Medical Records Bills Send Them To The Insurer

The third way to increase the full value of your car accident settlement is to be sure that you request every single medical bill, record in your case. Do not expect the insurance company or adjuster to tell you that you need to get certain medical bills or records. Keep in mind, when you go to the hospital, if you go there they're going to have a hospital bill a doctor's bill a radiologist bill and emergency physicians bill which is the same as the doctors bill a pathology bill if they take your blood work etc. 

Also if you have any scarring take photos of your scarring and send it to the adjuster. Do not expect the adjuster to tell you, “sir I need pictures of your scarring” they may not do that. After you request all these medical bills, records in this other documentation including your lost wage information from your employer give it to the insurance adjuster. Don't expect them to tell you to give it to him. You need to document your case because what happens if you're going to end up sending all this information to the adjuster. 

They're going to put it into their computer they're then going to evaluate the value of your case. They're going to give it to their supervisor and request a certain amount of car accident settlement authority and the supervisor is going to want to see the documentation. You telling you the insurance company, that you went to the hospital that you have knee pain that you're going to need a second surgery means nothing generally unless they have the documentation in black or white or pictures.

Also if you happen to have an x-ray, CT scans or MRIs. Not only send the insurance company the actual report that talks about what you have. You're going to want to send in the actual films and if possible draw an arrow or highlight the area where you have a problem. If you have a herniated disc you're going to want to highlight that or draw an arrow to it if you're going to. If you have a fracture draw an arrow or highlight the fracture on the actual film or CD picture and you're going to send it to the insurance company. It's going to make it easier for them and when they see something visual it helps them understand your injury.

4. Make A High Demand

The fourth way to increase the full value of your car accident settlement is to make a high settlement demand. If you have a bad case you have a bad case of making a high settlement then demand is not going to do much for you, but if you have a good case. We made a settlement demand of $1M. When I ask the insurance adjuster I said what do you think the claim is worth? He said a $100,000. Had I made a low settlement the man and let's say I demanded $125000 or $175000 or $200,000. 

I would have been tapped at that amount and the settlement would have been much smaller. But I asked for $1M and I stuck at that amount for a while and we eventually met close to the middle at $445000. Making a high settlement the man can help you. Also sometimes you may not want to make a demand until you're finished with all your medical treatment. Because it's easier for an insurance company to pay you for past medical bills than it is for something that may happen in the future or may not happen in the future.

5. Send The Adjuster Pass High Jury Verdicts  

The fifth way to increase the full value of your car accident settlement is to research and send the adjuster past jury verdicts. That personal injury attorney has had in similar cases. You generally, need to subscribe to a service like Westlaw or LexisNexis which cost about $40 or a month. You're going to want to look for high jury verdicts with the same problem that you had.

For example: If you have a broken knee, you're going to want to look up high jury verdicts. Where a lot of money was awarded for the pain and suffering component of your broken knee. You're not going to want to send the insurance adjuster the low verdicts. They can get those on their own.

This helps because one of the things insurance companies looks at when deciding. How much to pay is past settlements? Which you're really not going to have access to or past jury verdicts, which if you subscribe you may have access. You're going to want to get those sent into the adjuster. It can make the adjuster’s job easier and easier for them to justify paying you more money. If they see that for themselves, they know that you're serious, they know what you're doing and when they give that show that jury verdict to their supervisor may be easier for them to get more money thus resulting in a higher settlement.

6. Negotiate Your Hospital Bills And Other Bills

Six ways to increase the value of your car accident settlement is to negotiate down your hospital bills and other health insurance bills and liens. What happens is you'll treat at the hospital? Like the case that I settle for $445000, my client didn't have insurance. The hospital on its own knocked the bill off the bait to $25000. But then I was able to negotiate that $25000 down to $13500. While this doesn't increase the full settlement value of your injury case, it increases the amount that you're going to actually get in your pocket. 

Also if your health insurance or Medicare, Medicaid or any other first-party insurer pays, bills related to the accident. You may have a very strong right in the ability to get the amount, that they paid reduced down. They're going to make a claim from the total settlement saying, I want to get paid back “X” amount. Your job is to get that amount to as low as possible.

Depending on, who it is Medicare, Medicaid, health insurance the laws are different. But understand in certain situations, if you have a personal injury attorney, they have to reduce by your personal injury attorney’s fees and cost right off the bait. You wait may also have additional leverage as well. Understand that we've been able to reduce some of these health insurance liens huge, which ultimately put more money in my client’s pocket.

I hope you got a lot out of this article. Please read our other article. Please subscribe to our website via email. Please share the article. Please comment and let me know your thoughts is there anything you like is there anything you didn't like.

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