Why Get A No Exam Life Insurance Policy? [No Exam Life Insurance]

Why Get A No Exam Life Insurance Policy? [No Exam Life Insurance]

No exam life insurance in this article, I'm going to talk to you about the benefits of no exam life insurance. And how you can get approved life insurance without medical exam? You might be looking for a life insurance policy that doesn't require medical exam is then, maybe you don't like to have blood drawn, and maybe you haven't been to your doctor in a few years. You don't really know what may come up on an exam.

Why Get A No Exam Life Insurance Policy: No Exam Life Insurance
Why Get A No Exam Life Insurance Policy?

If you're looking for life insurance without medical exam you have several options. Typically, you can get approved up to $250,000 there are a couple of insurance companies that will approve you for more up to $350,000 for no exam life insurance policy. It requires answering some simple questions regarding your health history. 

For example:

The Last You Have A Stroke in The Last 10 Years?

You’ve Had Cancer In The Last 10 Years?

Ask You If You've Had A Heart Attack in the Last 10 Years?

Last few questions relating to your health history. And the insurance company will typically do a little background work before they prove you. What does that mean? They're going to look to see what prescription medication you take. They're going to look at your driving history to see if you have a history of DUIs. They're going to look at the answers that you respond to in the application. Based on that, they can approve you within about a day or two.

Other life insurance companies, won't require medical exam but they will order your doctors records. Depending on what your goals are? You can get proof for a no medical exam life insurance policy within a day or two.

Why Would You Want To Do This?

You need the coverage to secure a loan. Many people that I work with, getting business loans or they get personal loans. That they need to have life insurance in place, and they need to get it quickly no exam life insurance. You will do that you'll be able to get approved, within a day or two, as long as you're generally, in good health. There are a few different companies that we work with to secure no exam life insurance.

We work with the American national. We work with Fidelity Life. Work with Transamerica. Work with a Surety Life. We work with you to find out which life insurance company is going to be the best for you how much life insurance do you need to get. What's the best approach to get you coverage as soon as possible at the best possible rate without a medical exam. If you are in excellent health, you can simply get lower rates by doing a medical. That's an option that will explore with you. Will go over the difference in rates and see which makes the most sense for you.

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